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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Develop web yang ada design cantik dan ada applications pakai Dreamweaver MX ?? Nak tak?

Salam w.b.t,

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa dengan lancar dan ada kekesanannya pada diri masing-masing. InsyaAllah. Sejak kebelakangan ini makin banyak kerja yang perlu dilakukan dan dihayati. Kekadang saya tak sempat menjenguk blog ni. Sudah hampir sebulan saya tak jenguk sejak dari pertengahan bulan ogos lagi. Memang tak sempat.

Saya ada design satu website yang jual produk pemakanan kesihatan di alamat berikut : http://www.powerfullbody.com . Cuba anda surf web tu. InsyaAllah banyak info dan maklumat yang anda boleh perolehi. Kalau ada kelapangan wang/duit bolehlah tempah produk tersebut. Murah dan berkesan ! Percayalah saya. InsyaAllah ada kesannya pada badan anda.

Oklah, apa2 hal pun saya bagitahu yang saya tak jadi nak tulis buku MyHOTTIPs sebab ada banyak masalah yang timbul terutama dari segi marketing, sales dan fight. Banyak persaingan. Sekarang dah ramai penulis yang menulis buku mengenai Windows. Manakala Windows XP dah dikira sebagai lapuk dan ketinggalan zaman kerana sekarang orang dok kejar-kejar windows vista.

Buat masa ini saya nak tumpu tulis buku yang bertajuk "DESIGN WEB dengan NVU & DEVELOP WEB APLIKASI dengan DREAMWEAVER".

Google's Perfect Ad: Missing the Marketing

September 17, 2008
By John Battelle

I missed this blog post last week from one of Google's most senior VPs of Product, Susan Wojcicki.
Titled "Ad Perfect" it starts:

Google's advertising business was founded on the core principle that advertising should deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. This is very similar to our mission in search, and, like our colleagues in search, those of us on the ads team are constantly striving to achieve better results. We have hundreds of thousands of advertisers who collectively have millions of products and services, and out of that vast amount of information our goal is always to show people the best ads, the ones that are the most relevant, timely, and useful (and, from the advertiser perspective, measurable). Achieving this ideal has been difficult since the early days of ads, but now, with the Internet, it is within reach.

Then comes the nut graph:
What does it take to do this? We need to understand exactly what people are looking for, then give them exactly the information they want.
Well...sort of. Perhaps that's the formula for the perfect "ad" - but the perfect ad is, by definition, imperfect. Advertising without marketing is, well, just a call to action. Only with marketing, a practice that I think is perhaps a bit underestimated at algorithmically driven companies like Google, can companies make any advertising they might do truly valuable. One tenet of marketing FM lives by is this: Add value to the customer's experience. Sometimes you can do that by matching customer intent with a database of ads. But other times you can't - you have to understand your customer in ways that are resistant to algorithms.
More on this as I write my next piece for the Amex Blog....
[ Absorb from John Battle's Searchblog ]


August 2008 qSearch data shows that Google's U.S. query share gained 60bps m/m to 59.1% and gained more than 8.7 percentage points from its 50.3% query share in August 2007. YouTube continues to be a big contributor for Google generating 2.49bn searches in the U.S., up 3.7% from 2.40bn last month and up 132% from 1.08bn in August 2007. YouTube currently represents 24.5% of U.S. Google site searches compared with 15.8% in August 2007. Yahoo's share declined 86bps m/m to 14.1% and was down nearly 4.2 percentage points from a year ago level of 18.3%. Microsoft's share declined 3bps m/m to 5.5% and was down nearly 1.7 percentage points from a year ago level of 7.1%.

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