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Thursday, September 18, 2008


August 2008 qSearch data shows that Google's U.S. query share gained 60bps m/m to 59.1% and gained more than 8.7 percentage points from its 50.3% query share in August 2007. YouTube continues to be a big contributor for Google generating 2.49bn searches in the U.S., up 3.7% from 2.40bn last month and up 132% from 1.08bn in August 2007. YouTube currently represents 24.5% of U.S. Google site searches compared with 15.8% in August 2007. Yahoo's share declined 86bps m/m to 14.1% and was down nearly 4.2 percentage points from a year ago level of 18.3%. Microsoft's share declined 3bps m/m to 5.5% and was down nearly 1.7 percentage points from a year ago level of 7.1%.

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